Thursday, August 19, 2010

My kids are so weird!

I know... tell me something I don't know, right?

Tonight, A is in the shower asking her usual inane questions. Tonight's topic of discussion? "Would you rather share a bathroom with an ugly guy with a rash, or a bedroom with a reindeer?".

I replied I already shared the bathroom with an ugly guy, but she was quick to tell me that she didn't think Daddy was ugly. Anyways, I went on to say at least you could get some cream for the rash, and maybe put a bag over the ugly head. A reindeer, on the other hand... you'd have to clean up after, and I'm sure it would stink. Back to the ugly guy - he could shower and smell, good, right?


According to her, a reindeer would be preferable because - and I quote - "Clean up after it for a while, then you could shoot it... and EAT IT!".

Lovely. Simply charming!


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